Compiler Construction Prof. Dr. Sebastian Hack


Project Meetings

Written: 29.01.2019 10:54
Modified: 29.01.2019 11:04
Written By: Fabian Ritter

The final project meetings will take place from Wednesday, Feb 13, until Friday, Feb 15, in room 401, E1 3.

Please use this doodle to mark all time slots in which your entire group is available for the meeting. We will do the final assignment from groups to time slots next week Tuesday, so make sure to enter your choices until Monday, Feb 4, 23:59. For each group, there should be one entry in the doodle stating all possible time slots. The presence of all group members is mandatory.

In the project meeting, your group will present your compiler to us. All members of the group should be familiar with the implementation. Make sure that you have at least one working laptop with the final version of your compiler with you at the meeting. You do not need to prepare slides.

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